Debby Akam

Video work 2003-2017 reflects a preoccupation with how humans relate to the natural world, often located in marginal sites where different kinds of habitats collide.  

'It's a Different World' was a collaborative artist's residency for an entire growing season, at Kersal Allotment Association in Salford. This project opened up conversations about organic food, the pleasure to be gained from growing things, and involved several Salford- based agencies seeking to promote healthy lifestyles, and inter- generational partcipatory projects. Since moving to Cumbria in 1999, Debby has continued making work that opened up debates around the meaning of, ‘rural’. She installed a video- installation on a farm near Penrith about dairy farming that brought the farming and artistic communities together; ‘Exchange’ was a video installation in Skipton market square about the changing role of the market town; ‘Trout Farm’ investigated a farm site as a confluence of farming, tourism and ecology in the Lake District; and ‘Moon’ explored natural and artificial light in the landscape.

Current work about what makes people feel ‘at home’ began in 2006 with Next Stop Byker, a project with residents to produce a digital mural for the Metro station, and the Asylum Seekers Cookbook Project, for Newcastle City Arts 2007 combining cooking with neglected personal histories. 2010 Swimming Without Water was a site- specific installation in Moseley Baths, Birmingham about how people experience Nature through swimming in different places. Recent works in video include Muse and Playing (after the flood) included in the Cumbrian Artist of theYear Exhibition at Rheged, Cumbria, 2016.