Debby Akam

 2019- 2020

Paintings on canvas silk and paper using acrylic paint, gouache and wax. 

Above: 'Canopy' acrylic on canvas, (detail) 100cm x 100cm.

The paintings and prints shown here are investigations of layered space created through colour relationships and gestural brush marks . My work links personal experience with wider themes of celebration, mutability and renewal. The stream of everyday activities informs the work as do patterns and motifs from woven and printed textiles that summon up memories of my childhood in Borneo. The process of painting is the catalyst that brings these diverse experiences from past, present and imagined futures together and enables them to come to life in a new form. I hope that viewers will become part of the process of realising the eventual meanings and contexts for the paintings through their own personal interpretations and responses.  

Painting with wax and watercolour, and on un stretched silk during an International Artists Residency at Tasara Weaving Centre, Beypore, India, February 2020