Debby Akam

Immersed: There and back (2002 DVD 10 minutes)

A video installation shown during Elles sont passees par d’ici… Loguivy France, August 2005.

2010, Rendell, J. Site-Writing: The Architecture of Art Criticism, (pp185-187)

2013 Girlfish included in exhibition and anthology, Poems Underwater

Using two intermingling narratives; a fisherman taking his boat out to sea for a short trip, and a sequence of a swimmer, Immersed uses the structure of a journey through two different environments to suggest the kind of temporary immersion experienced by tourists or visitors, as opposed to people who have a connection to a place through their work. Poised between a redemptive position and an ironic one, this passage through the watery environment, on and under it, induces the ritualistic, meditative mechanisms of travelling between realms, and returning refreshed after connecting with nature, the build- up to and retreat from a climactic event corresponding to the idea of a holiday or break.